Get Free Drinks by Pushing the Button

Customers going to a bar can now engage with brands. SmartButton is a social device to reward referrals. Push a big arcade button, connected to the Internet, and you can win free drinks. If you are lucky, the button will start blinking so the bartender can see it and bring your free drink. You aren’t lucky today? No problem, you and your friends can tag the #bar and a #brand on an Instagram or Twitter messages, and your chances will increase.


 Our social buttons and platform are based on Raspberry Pi and Django technologies

Is this a real product? No yet. This was a fun concept I prototyped on weekends during summer 2014 in collaboration with my friend Antonio Sanchez Pineda, CEO of Wiim. We started by building a social sensor for people to like paintings in museums called Like Art. However, my passion and experience with small businesses made us to quickly pivot: we decided to run experiments in bars. I grew up in a small town on the beach in south Spain named Cartaya. My father own at that time a popular cafe-tapas-bar called El Moderno. I enjoyed my time helping my family to run the business and engage with local and foreign customers.

Good understanding of business operations and customers’ needs helps a lot to create compelling prototypes. We redefined the user interface based on customer feedback I collected. Running experiments in a few bars in San Francisco was helpful. Patrons really loved the experience and found it a great way to interact with others while discovering new brands. Bar owners benefited from very effective promotions using customers energy. The technology allows brands to easily run on-site marketing campaigns without sending sales representative onsite.

Brands are already taking advantage of smart connected technologies to improve their business operations as I pointed out in an article I wrote back in 2013. After including this social smart device they are closing the loop and getting real time data of the entire supply chain.


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