Scratch ideas for tomorow #1

It was April 2, 2010 I was walking with Dr. Anna Vinogradova in Massachusetts, and when I thought of recording my inventive thoughts and post them later in my blog. A few words about me: I am Rafael Maranon, studying at the Sloan School of Management and School of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), that will lead to a Master degree in System Design and Management.

While being at MIT you are working with a great team of specialists with an unlimited supply and variety of materials and during even routine work you are in a state of creative flow (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, psychologist). Many times during the day, you imagine the future and especially when you are in the middle of a big street coming across some problem.

So why wait for big events to happen, we have to fix it, I have to put down my ideas!

Technology today has a good performance and develops fast and makes our life easier with various applications.

I have been to Boston, but this time I am with Anna exploring the city as a tourist. Frankly speaking, I did not have the chance to read any useful information beforehand and now we’re out with a heavy book in our hands.

What Anna is doing: walking and reading the book aloud for us, however she does not enjoy what is around!

Visiting a place each time is always a different experience and you feel like getting to know the place better and learn about its history, who live here, what major events happened that influenced society, what movies were shot,  as well as what are the current venues, new restaurants, etc.

What`s the solution? Almost everyone has a smart phone with high speed internet access. What is missing.. a tour-guide application!! where a person will select the city, join the network with fee, coupon or perhaps have a free access (subsidy of Boston government).

Before using this application you`ll fill in your details like age, sex, how many time have you been to the city, what are you interests during the current visit.

Automatically the service provider will learn where you are, whether you stopped or moving in car and this way the program will adjust to these changes and will give out the requested information and keep it targeted for user.

This tour-guide application should also have a feedback section at the end of the service a client will provide satisfaction information.

So this is the first delivery in my blog of  Scratch ideas for the future series. Anna will take care of it and then I will develop  it a little more.


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