MIT System Design and Management Program (SDM)


SDM students describe the curriculum as rigorous, demanding, eye-opening, mind-expanding, life changing and rewarding. But be forewarned: the SDM degree is not an MBA.

Cosponsored by one of the world’s top-rated business schools, the MIT Sloan School of Management, and MIT’s internationally renowned School of Engineering, the interdisciplinary SDM program is specifically designed to go beyond the MBA, preparing technically grounded systems thinkers to tackle the complexities of competing in global markets while leading their organizations to success.

SDM’s three-tiered curriculum gives all students a common understanding of what it means to take a systems approach to the world while allowing them the flexibility to customize the program to support individual professional goals.

Required and elective courses in management and engineering-plus workshops, seminars and courses in leadership-are interwoven with classes in system architecture, systems engineering, and system and project management. These integrative courses teach students the art and the science of big-picture thinking while design challenges and hands-on class projects provide opportunities to put theory into action and get real-time feedback from MIT faculty and classmates on how to grow and improve.

MIT System Design and Management Program (SDM) Cohort 2010

MIT System Design and Management Program (SDM) Cohort 2010


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