My Internship at the United Nations in New York

During my stay in New York interning at the United Nations I have the greatest time in my personal and professional life. I meet there more than 200 fellow interns from all countries around the world, and we organized the group creating social, sport, newsletter commit and much more. We all together had chance to organize a lot of cultural activities in New York City, joining everyday after work several events such as embassy receptions, museum visits, ice-skating, soccer games, UN events, etc. That was an amazing chance to meet each other. Very similar I did in my Socrates-Erasmus program in Germany, or ISEP program in New Jersey. But this time was even better because all interns at the UN had been abroad at least 2 times and everybody was able to speak more than 3 languages. Imaging how can be having lunch every day at the UN cafeteria with people from all countries in the world, and also everyone expert in a particular field of study and working in very different office at the UN. Honestly it seems to me like if every lunch we tried to organize and make a better world!

Group Photograph of the United Nations Interns with the Secretary-General

Group Photograph of the United Nations Interns with the Secretary-General. In this photo: Kofi Annan, Rafael Marañón,Jochen Wirth, Juliane Diaz Degiovannini, Flavia Feola, Frederic Aymeric, Marie Spreckley, Frédéric Aymeric, Alessandro Flammini, Inbal Yanku, Craig Gilbert, Rafa Tamayo, Rafael Tamayo, Francesca Musiani, Catherine Wong, Kim Willis, Mar Go, Carlos Yescas, Anne-Kathrin Herrmann, Anita Montolalu, Anna Turus,Craig Brannagan, Christian Borggreen, Kevin Biehl, Hale Oner, Hale Oner, Sven Rosenhauer, Ajit Singh, Xiao L-Zhou, Therese Gemayel, Sarra Hedhli, Maria Kristjansdottir, Gudrun Sif Fridriksdottir, Marie Kappel, Elisabeth Hakansson,Erik Steinecker

I clearly remember the words that Secretary-Genereal Mr. Kofi Annan addessed to us in the General Assembly when the official picture’s day. I never will forget: He said to us that the most important during our internship is not about what we learnt about the UN, but what we learn about each other. It was true! I can feel 2 months later how these other fellow interns changed my life forever! Now I feel like I want to work all my life promoting cooperation between countries, helping private sector to create partnership between companies from different countries.

Now I stay engaged with the UN learning everyday a little bit more about the systems, and about each department and all their projects. I really enjoy watching videos every night at UN web casting and trying to understand word issues.

Annual report of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, United Nations Headquarters, New York

GA, United Nations Headquarters, New York


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