My wife at the window

My wife at the window – Oil canvas – 48 x 36 inches (122 x 91 cm). Rafael Maranon. 2013

In this page you can visit part of my painting collection. I created more than 45 oil paintings from 8-18 years-old. Most of them were showed in annual official local exhibition in Spain. A couple of them were nominated and showed in provincial painting contests, and three were awarded. When I was 18 I moved to Málaga to study engineering, and I changed the paintbrush for a computer mouse so I started designing web sites. At that time, I also was working for 2 years as an illustrator for a local magazine where I practiced ink techniques.

Because I sold many of my paintings, and other I gave away as a gift, it was hard for me to collect the pictures and show here my entire art collection.

After a long break, and thanks to my wonderful wife I started painting again here in San Francisco. See here my last 3 artworks – Rafael Marañón

Fort Alexander - Saint Petersburg

Fort Alexander – Saint Petersburg – Oli canvas – 36 x 18 inches (91 x 46 cm). Rafael Maranon. 2013


Tulips – Oli canvas – 24 x 18 inches (61 x 46 cm). Rafael Maranon. 2012











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