Product Manager: Role from Startups to Enterprises

rafael maranon product management talk mitProduct Management role definition has been extensively discussed in both academia and industry. The tasks to bring products to the market as well as bridging engineering and sales teams can diverge among corporations.

This morning I had the opportunity to give a talk to MIT students about Product Management where I provided my own view based on more than 7 years of experience in the role in startups in Europe and a large corporation in Silicon Valley. Thanks to the MITPMC and MIT System Design and Management Program for the invite.

Below you can find the slides, a video recording of the presentation, and key takeaways:

In this presentation I reviewed 5 of my products following the framework described below:

– H: Oil painting
– K: Web portal to advertise local business
– M: Voipfutura Open source-based communication platform
– B: Catalyst 6800 Instant Access Solution
– T: The Internet of Things (IoT)

– Value (Customers)
– Effort (Technology, Skills, Innovation)

– Market (Listening + Analysis)
– Team (Execution = Static [Org structure] + Dynamic [Behavior/Int. Comm] + Funding )
– Go To Market (Branding, Pricing, Packaging, Support, Adoption)

What is consistent in the role of Product Manager across products?
– Right problem to solve
– Funding process
– Team orchestration
– Technology expertise
– Innovation process
– Execution determination
– Go To Market strategy
– Adoption metrics
… and a lot of passion

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Rafael Maranon-Abreu

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