Spain@MIT presents ‘Relaunching Growth in Europe’

José María Aznar visits MIT Media Lab (from left) Rafael Marañón MIT SDM’11, José María Aznar, Ana Botella, David Zafrilla Media Lab and María Frailes MIT MBA’09José María Aznar visits MIT Media Lab (from left) Rafael Marañón MIT SDM’11, José María Aznar, Nexi, Ana Botella, David Zafrilla Media Lab and María Fraile MIT MBA’09

Former Primer Minister of Spain, José María Aznar and his wife Ana Botella interested in the MIT City Car @Media Lab. Visit Co-organized by Spain@MIT

Follow the conference videos and recap at Spain@MIT Website

Last spring seven MIT students from Spain we decided to start a spanish club. At that time we were missing having a group of people from our own country to exchange experiences and get support when needed.

Spain@MIT Founders: (from left) María José Nieves, Maria Fraile, Amparo Cañaveras, Roberto Sanchis, Patricia Gómez, Rubén García and Rafael Marañón

MIT is an institution with tons of hidden activities and opportunities. Having a strong network to support spanish students when they arrive was the motivation for the founding members of the club.

Just 6 months after the official recognition as a MIT club, our club has been able to organize very successful events and also invited to Spain’s Former Prime Minister José María Aznar talk at MIT.

Below you can find the invitation to our club first big event… I hope you enjoy it!

On Monday, December 6 at noon in Wong Auditorium, the MIT Sloan community will welcome José María Aznar, the former president of Spain, to speak as part of the Dean’s Innovative Leader Series. This presentation was made possible through collaboration with the Spain@MIT Club. Lunch will be available beginning at 11:30 am in Ting Foyer. There will also be an opportunity for a small group of students to attend a private lunch with President Aznar immediately following the presentation.

Spain@MIT New Website

Before José María Aznar took office as president of Spain, his country was economically paralyzed by high unemployment, a deficit, and little growth. President Aznar instituted numerous economic reforms including liberalizing the market and privatizing industry, in turn creating five million new jobs and a budget surplus. His changes increased Spain’s GNP by 68 percent and propelled Spain to the eighth largest economy in the world.

A lawyer, President Aznar has spent his career in politics, representing increasingly larger constituencies and becoming head of the Partido Popular (People’s Party). President Aznar won the election in 1996. When he was sworn into office in front of King Juan Carlos, the transfer of power from Felipe Gonzalez to José María Aznar was a historic occasion; it was only the second time in 60 years in Spain that power passed from one elected party to another.

Join me as President Aznar discusses how the loosening of economic borders will influence Europe’s economic future and the survival of the EU in today’s international marketplace.

Event Co-Sponsored by Spain@MIT and MIT Sloan School of Management
aznar at mit spain


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