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20 Lessons in Social Media from MIT

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Yesterday we finalized a MIT course ESD.942 Social Media: Trust, Information Seeking & Systems Innovation in the Digital Age. During past 2 weeks Joseph Coughlin, Azamat Abdymomunov and myself have been teaching during 20 hours at MIT an introduction to social media in different domains (Healthcare, Finance, Organization Development and Collaboration) and using a specific framework (Influence, Check and Balance and Trust).

ESD.942 class

Focusing mainly on class discussion, lecture and workshop, a group of 15 participants in this course had the opportunity to establish an open dialog about what is new with web 2.0 and why is affecting our life, business and profession faster than any other media technology before. Beside analyzing several topics such as why social media users share knowledge in the Internet with unknown people, what is the criteria we use in order to validate results in our Google search when seeking relevant information about our health, or how to cope with so overwhelming amount of information and technology platform.
Below are some of the  lessons in social media we came up after 5 days of intensive discussion on social media. In following days I will extend some of these take away of the course and illustrate with some of the examples and survey results.
  1. Local-Global symbiosis. If you’re big, act small. If you’re small act big.
  2. Give-more-than-you-receive
  3. Experiment! Learn-by-doing
  4. Be-inclusive
  5. Honesty (get naked?)
  6. Architect/plan your social-media-strategy
  7. Start with something you’re passionate about (have a PURPOSE)
  8. Empathy. Show-that-you-care
  9. Consistency, passion
  10. Patience
  11. Good enough is good enough.
  12. Persuasion – find overlap of interests between you and your audience
  13. Listen before speaking, learning before teaching
  14. Humor
  15. Past, Present, Future – analyze and feedback
  16. Iterative-learning-process
  17. Asking first
  18. Content-technology balance
  19. Accountability-to-oneself-and-others
  20. Consistency and commitment

You can download the slides of the course on Course Material. Lecture’s videos will be posted soon.

Rafael Marañón giving a lecture on Organization Development using Social Media

Lessons in Social Media

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